Plaidypus at ArtStir Denver!

artstir denver plaidypus booth may 2015 art festival craft fair

We’ve done art fairs and festivals in Fort Collins and in Colorado Springs, but somehow we’ve managed to completely skip over Denver. Well no more! On May 23 and 24 this year (memorial day weekend and also THIS weekend), Plaidypus will be participating in ArtStir, a Denver art festival located at the Denver Pavilions. It was voted best new festival in 2014, and features 100% Colorado artists and designers, so I thought it would be a good fit for us.

‘What will Plaidypus be selling at this fair?’ you may ask. Well, let me tell you. Plaidypus is pleased to announce that we will be debuting our soon-to-be famous Leggings line, which incorporates scanning electron microscope images of brain cells or lily pollen (they’re basically wearable science). Along with these, there will be our t-shirt skirts, which until now have only been sold at Wadoo in downtown Fort Collins, as well as our beloved t-shirt headbands and our hair clips and pins made from felted sweaters.

plaidypus looking glass leggings rat spinal cord neuroscience fashionPlaidypus hair clips pins upcycled recycled wool felted sweaters plaidypus t-shirt headbands

So get excited, people! I’ll be there for two whole days, rain or shine, with old favorites and shiny new products for you guys to choose from. Also, in case you needed more reason to come by, leggings and skirts will be sold at a discount price at the fair (because I rounded down to the nearest multiple of ten so I don’t have to bring as many $1 bills).

We take cash, we take credit, and if we think you look like an upstanding citizen we will even take your personal check.

Plaidypus will be located in this funny little area dedicated to “emerging artists” (which you can see in the below map as the bright green squares). I did this partly because the booth price was significantly lower for students like myself, and partly because they are going to supply me with a tent and a table, meaning I have less to drag around with me and less set up to struggle with. I have no idea who I’ll be sharing my booth tent with (because they weren’t just going to give me my own tent for that price) but I bet they’re cool too, so come hang out and buy things from us.

artstir denver art festival plaidypus emerging artist booth craft fair 2015

I will be a little off the beaten path. But fear not, because I will still be highly accessible and near activity areas of the festival! I don’t know what activities there will be, but they will be near me according to the map.

To recap:

ArtStir Denver
May 23 and 24 from 11am-7pm
At the Denver Pavilions (map provided below)

Check out the ArtStir website for more info on the show itself, and look for us on their “Artists” page (hint: Plaidypus is represented by a photo of our fabulous headbands). Come say hi. Tell your friends. Buy things, maybe?

plaidypus artstir denver art festival may 2015


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